Over the past decade, Pawan’s career trajectory has been closely intertwined with developments in the Indian higher education. Those, who know him, also know about his deep passion, unorthodox views, and several contributions to the higher education sector in the country. Now meet the author, Pawan Agarwal

Welcome to the official site of Indian higher education: Envisioning the future, a book by Pawan Agarwal. This site is designed to serve as a living companion to the book for readers who want to delve deeper into the issues relating to Indian higher education, and who want to carry forward the discussion on the ideas that have shaped, and continue to shape Indian higher education. The Book does not provide a single vision for the future, but the analytical framework and data provided in the book would stimulate insights and new trains of thought to envision future of the country’s higher education and enable informed policy debate.

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Review of the Indian Higher Education - Envisioning The Future

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