Over the past decade, Pawan’s career trajectory has been closely intertwined with developments in the Indian higher education. Those, who know him, also know about his deep passion, unorthodox views, and several contributions to the higher education sector in the country. Now meet the author, Pawan Agarwal

Many people to thank

THIS book has evolved over many years. During the slow and often interrupted evolution of this book, I have accumulated many debts, only a few of which I have space to acknowledge here. During my years with the higher education sector in the government, many of my superiors
and colleagues encouraged and supported me. I would like to specially mention the following: Education Secretaries Maharaj Krishen Kaw, Kumud Bansal, B.S. Baswan and R.P. Agrawal, and Joint Secretaries, Vijay Shankar Pandey and V.K. Pipersenia in the Ministry of HRD; Chairman, Professor Arun Nigavekar and Secretary, Professor Ved Prakash, Dr Pankaj Mittal, Dr Dev Swarup and Diksha Rajput at the UGC; and Chief Secretary, Amit Kiran Deb in the Government of West
Bengal. I would like to express my sincere thanks to them.

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